More Information about the Event

The last few years have witnessed a rapid progress in adopting Telehealth services across GCC and MENA regions. Therefore, we are launching the 1st edition of a region-specific Telehealth Conference to highlight and address challenges pertained to establishing Telehealth legal and business-models. This conference aims at establishing the platform to exchange Telehealth experiences and best practices among the stakeholders of the Healthcare ecosystem.


  • Establishing a partnership platform between Healthcare Regulators & Health Funding Authorities on the one hand and International Experts and Service Providers on the other hand.
  • Sharing international best practices in to exchange best practices in Telehealth Regulations & Policies
  • Exploring emerging Telehealth Models, Entrepreneurship and Breaking Technologies
  • Highlighting the socio-economic impact of Telehealth Implementations on Healthcare Access and Equity:
    1. Vertically e.g. Contributing to Mental Health Programs
    2. Horizontally e.g. Supporting Blue-Collar Workers Insurance Plans

Target Audience:

Executives of Healthcare Regulators and Health Funding Authorities, Payers, Health Insurance Service Providers, Tele-Medicine Service Providers, CXOs of Healthcare Organizations, Healthcare Professionals