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Healthcare organizations have been experiencing opportunities and challenges during the COVID-19 trying to mitigate and respond to the situation. Digital technology deployment including Telehealth has become one of the leading tools in the fight against this Pandemic.
We have created a series of webinars called the “Telehealth Majlis” that will give us updates on Telehealth Regulation and development during a pandemic and will establish a platform to exchange Telehealth experiences and best practices among the stakeholders of healthcare in the MENA region.
We are inviting the regulators, top executives and healthcare professional from the MENA healthcare sector asking them to speak about Telehealth opportunities and the specific needs in their countries
In our next webinar the following countries will present their updates in telehealth policies: Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, UAE, Jordan and Egypt
Questions to be discussed:
  • Current regulations and government agenda
  • Financial models & reimbursement
  • Data protection considerations
  • Socio-economic impact of Telehealth Implementations
  • Expectations from the telehealth providers
  • Patients support


Bahrain Telehealth Majlis: 5pm (Dubai) / 4pm (Bahrain), 15th of May
Jordan Telehealth Majlis: 7pm (Jordan) / 8pm (UAE), 4th of June

Bahrain Majlis Panellists:

Dr. Sarper Tanli

Operating Partner
TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

Dr. Munem Haffadh

Haffadh Specialized Dental Center, Bahrain

Dr. Khatoon Shubbar

Family Physician & Head of Quality and Risk Management Committee in Primary Health
MOH Bahrain

Mr. Ali Darwish

Clinical Service Coordinator Nurse
Governmental Hospitals, MOH Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Amena Malik

Consultant Advisor in Medical Regulation

Jordan Majlis Panellists:

Emad Alsharu

OBGYN/IVF Senior Specialist
Jordan Royal Medical Services

Dr Najeeb Al-Shorbaji

eHealth Development Association, Jordan

Dr. Mohammed Rasoul Tarawneh

Jordan Society Family Medicine

Ghassan Al Lahham


Dr Issa Khashashneh

Consultant neonatologist
Health and environment comm, Jordan parliament